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LA County Charge : Clients blood alcohol measures at .16. Result : DUI Man wins DMV hearing, saves drivers license, and no drivers license suspension. Van Nuys Charge : 1st DUI facing probation classes and fines. Result : The DUI Man gets the DUI charge dismissed. DUI reduced to an exhibition of speed. No alcohol classes, reduced probation, reduced fines. Non DUI related offense. Orange County Charge : Speeding/weaving .11/.12. Result : Reduced to wet reckless. Santa Clarita Charge : B.A.C .16 - 1st DUI facing major fines, alcohol education, 36 months of summary probation and possible jail time including enhanced penalties for having a B.A.C of .15 or above. Result : The DUI Man gets the charge reduced to a wet reckless. LA County Charge : 1st DUI charge facing 36 months probation, fines up to $2,000.00 and 3 months of alcohol education classes. Result : The DUI Man gets the case lowered to exhibition of speed, reduced fines and 24 months informal probation. Porterville CA Charge : Speeding B.A.C. .12 Result : DUI dismissed client pleads to dry reckless. No alcohol related charges. Fines lowered. No DUI classes. West Los Angeles 1st DUI : Weaving; .09 Breath Result : Saved drivers license, reduced fines, got community service. Orange County DUI Charge : Anaheim man charged with 3rd DUI and violation of probation - looking at up to 240 days in jail. Result : The DUI Man gets the case assigned to DUI court, ALL fines waived upon successful completion of DUI court programs. Client served NO jail time. LA County DUI Charge : Felony DUI facing 3 years prison for causing bodily injury. Result : The DUI Man gets it reduced to misdemeanor w/ 3 years probation, alcohol education, and fines. Client served no jail time. Lamont CA Charge : Speeding: B.A.C .12 Result : DUI dismissed client pleads to dry reckless no alcohol related charges. No DUI classes and lower fines. Ventura County DUI Charge : Felony DUI with a .15 B.A.C. Client looking at 3 years prison and possible deportation. Result : The DUI Man gets the charge lowered to a misdemeanor with no prison time and work furlough instead of jail. Lancaster DUI Charge : Man charged with two counts for 2nd DUI with an accident, violation of probation for 1st DUI, and Hit and Run. Client was facing substantial jail time and penalties. Result : Remarkable result, client pleads to one count second DUI. No jail time (time served 2 actual days at the time of arrest), No violation of probation, No extra jail time, and Hit and run dropped. Minimal fines, classes and probation. Hollywood DUI Charge : Under 21 female charged with driving with .01 or more. Facing 1 year suspension of driving privileges. Result : The DUI Man gets the DMV case set aside. All driving privileges restored. San Luis Obispo DUI Charge : Under 18 Juvenile DUI. Provided false information to a police officer, was facing possible 18 months juvenile incarceration. Result : Client gets 6 months probation--judge allows defendant to continue using medical marijuana for health reasons during probation period. First time a judge has allowed that provision in their court room. LA County DUI Charge : Charged as a refusal of chemical test. Client looking at a one year drivers license suspension. Result : DUI Man wins, license not suspended. LA County DUI Charge : Client arrested on New Years for DUI with B.A.C. measured at .16, twice the legal limit. Result : DUI Man gets it lowered to a wet reckless. Santa Clarita DUI Charge : Under 21 DUI with a hit and run and a B.A.C. of over .15. Result : Hit and Run dropped, client served NO jail time. Fines, alcohol classes, and community service only. Orange County-Westminister DUI Charge : Man charged with 3rd DUI and multiple probation violations for driving on a suspended license. Non payment of fines, violation of probation on a second DUI, was on formal probation and held on $25,000.00 bail. Result : DUI MAN gets him released on his own recognizance, referred to the DUI court, pled to third DUI with no jail time and all prior fines waived upon successful completion of DUI court program.

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